Leadership Team

Roma Klemmer - Chairman

Roma Klemmer is the Chair of the Board of Directors for Klemmer & Associates. Roma provides strategic, business and organizational leadership for the leadership team and K&A colleagues globally. As well, she provides the inspiration and motivation to company colleagues and students of K&A to excel in their lives, their work and their relationships.

Roma is committed to continuing the legacy of late husband and K&A founder, Brian Klemmer, by delivering exceptional service and satisfaction to individuals and group workshop attendees in alignment with the K&A values: Contribution through Integrity, Responsibility, and Commitment.

Kimberly Zink - President

Kimberly Zink is a confident, trusting, peaceful, and joyful woman who is committed to leading and helping others embody their greatness. After a career in insurance and network marketing, Kimberly walked into the rooms of Klemmer and Associates, and since then, the last 10 years have been a true blessing to her and her family. Over the years of advancing she has been promoted to President of K&A. As a Senior facilitator of Advanced Leadership, Youth Leadership, and Champion Workshops she has been with thousands of people all over the world in three languages. Kimberly is a compassionate wife and an involved mother and she is committed to loving the world with an open heart.

Krystal Zellmer

Krystal Zellmer is the co-owner of Klemmer & Associates. After the company's founder Brian Klemmer passed away in 2011, Krystal Zellmer and Kimberly Zink stepped into commitment to keep the legacy alive, and they are now co-owners of the organization. She is a transformational facilitator in experiential leadership training. Krystal currently facilitates at multiple levels in our organization; Samurai Camp, Personal Mastery and Youth Leadership Camp. She is young and vibrant, and constantly looking for new ways to grow and improve Klemmer & Associates so that it can have a deeper impact on the culture of the world.