Diane Beinschroth - Personal Mastery and Quickening

Diane Beinschroth is an international speaker, and coach. Since the year 2000 Diane has facilitated leadership trainings around the world for corporations, small businesses, churches, and businesses within direct sales/ network marketing industry. Diane was the first facilitator to conduct a leadership training offered by Klemmer and Associates in China. Diane has facilitated many of the courses offered by Klemmer and Associates including Advanced Leadership, Youth Leadership Camp. Champion's Workshops, and Guest Events. She also facilitates the 6-week Personal Mastery Training Series as well as K & A's 4-week Webinar Series for NWMarketing and Direct Sales Champions. In addition, Diane is the creator and facilitator of the Quickening, K & A's unique leadership training designed specifically for the Christian Community. Diane was one of a team of 3 who created the first Samurai Camp and is one of the Samurai Coaches for Sam Camp graduates. She is a certified Christian Life Coach. Most importantly, she is a committed Christian whose urgent desire is to see people experience their true potential and embrace the fullness of the purpose God has planned for their lives.

Kimberly Zink - Advanced Leadership, Heart of the Samurai, Youth Leadership Camp

Kimberly Zink is a confident, trusting, peaceful, and joyful woman who is committed to leading and helping others embody their greatness. After a career in insurance and network marketing, Kimberly walked into the rooms of Klemmer and Associates, and since then, the last 10 years have been a true blessing to her and her family. Over the years of advancing she has been promoted to President of K&A. As a Senior facilitator of Advanced Leadership, Youth Leadership, and Champion Workshops she has been with thousands of people all over the world in three languages. Kimberly is a compassionate wife and an involved mother and she is committed to loving the world with an open heart.

Krystal Zellmer - Samurai Camp and Youth Leadership Camp

Krystal Zellmer is a vibrant, enthusiastic member of our team. She started her work with Klemmer and Associates when she graduated our teen program over a decade ago and has not left the company since. She has a heart for teens and seeing a world where our youth can work together without cliques. Another passion she has is supporting others to achieve goals that they never dreamt were possible. Krystal is newly married, and living with her husband in Chicago, Illinois.

Michael Coviello - Personal Mastery, Advanced Leadership, Heart of the Samurai

Michael Coviello is a member of the Klemmer Facilitation Team. Michael joined the Klemmer Family after practicing law for over twenty years. As a practicing attorney, Michaelís clients include law enforcement officers, not-for-profit corporations, and charities. He has leveraged his legal education and experience to create, develop, and present multiple-topic seminars throughout the United States for attorneys and law enforcement. In addition to being an attorney, Michael has a wide variety of professional experience having worked in construction, building maintenance, as a pizza chef, a furniture mover, a truck driver, an executive consultant to large international corporations, a manager of small businesses, retail sales, and charitable fund raising. Michaelís passions are as diverse as his professional experience including photography, skiing, scuba diving, sky diving, fitness, football, music, hiking, sailing, and flying. As an instrument rated private pilot he also supports Vital Flight, a charitable organization that provides free flights to people with medical, compassionate, and humanitarian needs, including an annual event that provides free adventure flights to special needs children. Michael is committed to adventure and fun as well as continuous growth and success for himself and others.