Bill Utnage

Bill Utnage

Coaching Specialties: Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
Champaign, IL
four star coach(four star Klemmer coach)
Phone: 217.714.0173

An entrepreneurial business owner for over 25 years, Bill knows that Results -- often harsh, always fair -- reveal our true intentions.

Bill will hold you capable of producing your own high performance business Results by empowering you to create and own your business goals.

  • U.S. Air Force Veteran
  • Trainer, speaker
  • Certified 4 Star Klemmer Coach
  • Certified Elite Business Coach
  • Business owner and Entrepreneur for over 25 years
  • Church leader in vision casting and audacious goal reaching

A Trusting, Compassionate and Loving man, Bill’s coaching style mixes focus and commitment with a spirit of fun holding you capable to produce the business Results you have always wanted.