Facilitator Position

Klemmer & Associates is thrilled to announce that, due to the explosive growth over the last 12 months, we are looking for talented, passionate and purpose-driven individuals to join our facilitation team. Our domestic market is flourishing; we have upcoming trainings in Sweden and Australia; in China we are continuing to grow exponentially through new partnerships with some of the top 500 income earning individuals and organizations in the world; we have emerging programs for youth and families, and we are continuing to host corporate trainings around the country. Therefore we are looking to place new facilitators into the K&A family in support of this exciting time.

Do you have a gift for helping others? Do you choose to lead your life with boldness and integrity, and create a world that works for everyone, with no one left out? Are you coachable? Do you look for solutions and take action in your personal and professional life? Are you an amazing communicator with the power to positively influence others? If you answered yes, then we have an incredible opportunity for you.

The ideal candidates must have a passion for personal growth and leadership, a proven track record of success in working with others, confirmed leadership in their chosen field, and experience in the client services and sales industry. Additionally, they have incredible public speaking and presentation abilities, and believe in contribution, collaboration and teamwork.

If you believe you possess the desire, skills, and experience to join K&A's elite team of facilitators, submit the following information to

  • Personal contact information
  • Professional resume
  • Two professional letters of recommendation
  • List of experiences that demonstrate knowledge of diverse customs and cultures, including proficiency levels of various languages, if applicable.
  • Typed purpose statement that includes:
    • Why you want to work for K&A
    • Which qualities of yours would make you an excellent facilitator
    • Why should you be chosen to join the K&A team
    • What sets you apart from other potential candidates
    • Typed personal essay that includes:
      • Who you are - introduce yourself, your family, your current field of study or job, and what you believe is most important for us to know about you.
      • List all K&A seminars you have attended, including staffing and re-auditing, and the corresponding dates of completion.
      • How you have employed the foundational principles of the K&A work in your personal and professional life.
      • Explain specific results, with examples, of what you have created by means of the K&A work in your personal life, professional setting, self-honoring goals, contribution, and financial increase $$$.
      • Based on your current life experiences, what you believe are the responsibilities, expectations, requirements, and earnings of a facilitator.
    • Submit an 8-10 minute video of you presenting. This could include a previous recording, or simply footage of you presenting to a room, with or without attendees. Submit your video by uploading to your favorite service, YouTube, Vimeo, or any other preferred site, and include the link with your application. You may also burn your recording to a DVD, or upload to a thumb drive and mail directly to the Klemmer & Associates, Durango office. Your media will be kept on file and not returned to you.

    * Please Note - this position requires frequent travel. There are exciting opportunities with K&A to journey from coast to coast, touching people's lives. However, if you are concerned about being away from home and the impact it may have on your small children and family, please bear in mind the frequent travel requirements.

    * To be considered for this position, you must have outside resources for income, as you will not be compensated during the training phase.

    We are elated to offer this position to you and look forward to connecting with potential K&A leaders. If you are selected to advance to the next stage of the application process, you will be notified via email.

    All questions and completed applications are to be emailed directly to, or printed and mailed to:

    Klemmer & Associates
    10 Town Plaza #421
    Durango, CO 81301