Klemmer Coaching Academy

This online program combines advanced training from our world class facilitators with real world coaching practice. At the end of the six month program you will be a certified coach. This program is open to Klemmer & Associates Advanced Leadership graduates.

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Samurai Camp Coaching

Get one-on-one coaching from one of our highly skilled coaches. All of our coaches are highly trained and hand picked by Kimberly Zink. We believe you will not find better coaching anywhere. Samurai Camp Coaching is only available to graduates of Klemmer & Associates Samurai Camp. You can pick a coach and sign up for coaching right on our website.

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Klemmer Certified Coaches

Klemmer Coaching Academy graduates are assigned star rankings based upon the level of work they have completed in K&A's core courses. These coaches and their businesses are not affiliated with Klemmer and Associates, other than having received their coaching certification from the Klemmer Coaching Academy. We are very proud of all of our graduates.

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